The question is- Why is it so attractive to work as a wedding photographer? Simple: It is a well-paid job.  Also, there are several factors that make it more appealing; Being part of the most important day of the couple is an excellent opportunity to expose their art and an exponential ability to improve their work every day.

What you should know when hiring a non-professional wedding photography Delhi ?

Wedding Planner is not a babysitter: If you have a planner at your event, this person will have priority logistics event # 1. Their primary concern will be to meet the activities on time and attend the bride and groom. The wedding planner will not be answering questions every 5 minutes from the photographer or adjusting schedules to solve their work, not that they are inflexible, is that their job is to ensure that everything is maintained in time. Additionally, the Wedding Planner will not be able to meet endlessly with the photographers; each party is expected to know its role.

Everyone starts somewhere, but it’s better than your wedding photography Delhi: A wedding happens very fast, the adrenaline is up, the guests are excited, and the work is a lot. It is not a pedagogical learning environment, nothing is repeated and the moments are gone.

Each amateur photographer should work a while as a professional assistant:  It is crucial to learn how to work at a wedding photo shoot, in that environment, at that fast pace and dealing with guests who are sometimes drunk or nervous. Working as an apprentice to a consolidated professional is the best way to become a unified professional.

The camera does not do the photographer, on the contrary: Many couples are impressed because the photographer shows them their equipment, or tells them that they have a lens of 300mm. In an evening wedding for example (as they are most), the atmosphere is often dark and requires fill lights for particular conditions. To know who your photographer is, ask for samples of his works (at least three weddings), talk to previous clients or the photographer of whom he was an apprentice.

The wedding is not a trip: This is a common problem, many couples arrive where a person to ask you to take pictures of your wedding because the person takes beautiful pictures of travel. But it is very different to photograph with the latest technology a beautiful landscape (which is already nice sports), which elegantly photographed a couple of newlyweds who have taken a lot of wine at his party. Nobody wants to look bad in the photos, and that depends on angles, lighting, and editing.

Do the homework: In life, you have to study and learn to be better. Professional wedding photography is no exception: it is important that to be a professional in this area, study the best locally and internationally.

“I decided to hire the non-professional, now what should I do.”

Finally, if you decide to experiment and give the opportunity to a new photographer the responsibility of the couple is to give him all the necessary indications. Sometimes it is better to sin from your very specific customer and be left with poor results.


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