It’s a multimedia project based on 360 panoramic photography, where the visitor can observe the totality of the surrounding environment. It ‘a tool interactive that offers the possibility to move in different points of observation. It allows the display of spaces and situations with a realism and fantastic quality.

The Virtual Tour is applied given places of all kinds, in enclosed spaces such as museums, religious sites, exhibitions, hotels; in open areas such as holiday parks, scenic spots, historic city centers, gardens, etc.


How to realize a Virtual Tour

A 360 panoramic photography Virtual Tour requires several stages of development:

  • The inspection of the environments to be photographed,
  • The design general,
  • The shooting camera and the operations post-production (retouching and editing of images to 360 degrees),
  • The implementation the tour following a predefined path, ending with the addition of multimedia elements (audio, video, text) that enrich the virtual tour to make it an experience engaging and informative.

Part of a work of professional photography

The quality of the result is proportional to the efficiency of work done by the virtual tour photographer. Though today almost anyone can make panoramic photos and upload them to Google, the image quality is immediately evident; professional work is therefore based on some very specific measures, including:

  • Choosing a professional virtual tour photographer: it is clear that a photo shoot made by a professional photographer, using suitable equipment and technical expertise, provide the best result;
  • Empty local: the virtual tour goal is to bring to the fore the location. For this, the rooms must be empty, and sorted at best;
  • Lights and cameras designed to art: the work must be done in optimal lighting conditions, choosing the best day (thus avoiding rainy days) and the most suitable time. E ‘can also make nocturnal integrations (for example, for local who want to emphasize this aspect) curing in this case very artificial lighting.
  • Neglecting these aspects means getting a result that penalizes the later stages.

Emotional journey

The virtual tour is so advanced an innovative project, where the quality of the result is also played in knowing how to make an emotional journey that gives, even more, value and prestige to every location.

The advanced platform power is in fact to be able to integrate heterogeneous elements, which makes it possible to create an emotional journey that activates all the senses- not only seen but also heard through the integration of background music, while taste, smell, and tact can be made through a proper use of the images, with a careful study of multimedia sequences to recall to mind these sensory elements.

Advantages of the Virtual Tour

Photography Virtual Tour allows immediate and accurate evaluation of spaces, goods, and services which will be presented on the web.

For example, a visitor can evaluate the elegance and comfort of a hotel, the pleasant environment of a spa; the quality of equipment of a gym, with reception rooms of a restaurant; the charm of the landscape surrounding a resort, including facilities and entertainment offerings.


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