Candid Photography

As a general rule, we tend to say that the best photos are the most worked, those in which the photographer is acutely aware of what he does, why he does it and how he does it. We will agree that making photography is far from only pushing a button, so there is a whole technical, creative and artistic process behind the “click” that is entirely necessary to do a good photographic work.

However, there are times when we get the chance that gives us some Candid Photographer in Delhi that we love, and yet we had not planned. There are even photographic disciplines that try to promote this type of photography, such as urban photography, although this does not mean that all urban photography is improvised. Be that as it may, let’s see why these interesting pictures come out by chance and How to work to get more situations that give us this type of photographs.

Forget the flash

The flash gives you away. Most cameras emit a flurry of small flashes before shooting, and that will cause the subject to take a photographic pose, losing all spontaneity. It raises the ISO speed and uses large openings.

Take your camera everywhere

Limiting yourself to using your camera in the vicinity and interior of your home is limiting its potential. Take it anywhere, to accompany you on all your travels. Not only will you have more opportunities and spontaneous situations, but also people around you will get used to seeing yourself on camera and will be less on guard to see that you are taking a photograph.

Be patient

The situations come and go. Spontaneous Portraits are present for less than a second. A smile, a look, a small movement will be available to be photographed a fraction of a second and will have a good time before something interesting enough happens again. Arm yourself with patience and wait for the exact moment.

Use a telephoto lens

With a telephoto lens, you can take away enough of the people to not notice your presence or your camera. With a 70-300mm you will have a good range of lengths covered from far too far. Also, when using long focal lengths, the depth of field will be minuscule, creating the blur of portraits that we like so much.

Add some context

Since you are going to try to be Candid Photographer in Delhi, take advantage of the variables that you have around you, and you cannot control. It shows the subject in your photograph, but it also tells where it is, what it is doing or those around it.

Shoot from the hip

If your embarrassment does not allow you to take your camera to your eyes, program it to focus automatically on shooting at your hip level. You will spend more unnoticed, and at the same time, you will have an interesting angle in your images.

Stay still and try to mix

Spontaneity, as we have already said, happens when people are relaxed and distracted. Try not to be so obvious when shooting and stay low profile. When you see a moment worthy of Candid Photography, do it carefully and slyly, so as not to break the atmosphere that is being generated.


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