Wedding reportage has changed radically in recent years. Most wedding couples run away from traditional and overly posed wedding images, looking for a spontaneous and more natural wedding photography.

This way of best candid wedding photographers in Delhi does not consist of only aiming the camera and shooting regularly. Nor is it an excuse to shoot with poor care or illumination frames, but it requires a series of skills, attitudes, and aptitudes to get that naturalness in the photographs while we go unnoticed.


Knowing your equipment well is basic, both in wedding photography and in any other photographic discipline. When it comes to capturing moments that barely last a moment you cannot afford to be fighting with the buttons or looking at the back screen of your camera.

It is highly recommended that you leave the flash off unless it is necessary, as throwing rays at people’s faces do not help anything to go unnoticed. If your pocket allows you, choose light optics and quick focus, you will greatly appreciate it when the light conditions are not right.

Try to travel light luggage. Leave studio flashes, generators and tripods for other types of reports: not only will it help you to go undetected, but you can also move more freely.


As a wedding photographer in Delhi, you must make numerous technical and aesthetic decisions in a matter of seconds; you must be agile of mind not to waste moments with indecision. Observe the light, the environment and the characters, process it and make your decisions as fast as you can.

Move, change the point of view, look for different angles but without running from side to side like a headless chicken. Not only will you be late for those moments, but you will attract the attention of the bride and groom (especially if you are 1.90 m like me). It’s not about running around chasing moments, but about going ahead with what you believe (or know) that is going to happen.


It is probably one of the keys to creative wedding photography: being able to “sniff” when and where an exciting moment can happen.

If you can predict an action (or your instinct tells you that something may occur), you can put yourself to be in the right place at the right time. Having an excellent location will give you at least a 50% chance of getting a good spontaneous wedding photography.


Open your eyes and ears to everything happening around you. Beyond what the boyfriends do there are dozens of stories that occur simultaneously, so keep both eyes open even when you are looking through the lens of your camera. And listen: it follows the sound of a laugh, or cry, or a rumble, probably lead you to something interesting.


As they say: Information is power.

Make an effort to meet each couple, know as much as possible about your wedding and what will happen throughout the day. That way you can anticipate more easily.

It is also essential to know who are the most influential people for each couple and be very attentive to the connections that occur between these people. Our work is not limited to showing how beautiful the bride and groom are, but also to tell the parallel stories that occur on the day of the wedding.

What are your suggestions on spontaneous wedding photography?

Do you feel comfortable photographing this way or give another focus to your wedding photography?


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