Many mothers in the period of pregnancy begin to plan a baby photoshoot in Delhi. But when choosing a photographer is often overlooked is such an important factor as the safety baby.

Newborn photo session is conducted in the first two weeks of life baby, so to entrust such a defenseless toddler only professional children’s photographer who has sufficient knowledge and experience.

Trust the new born baby photographer – A critical component of a successful photo shoot baby.

Below is a list of 10 rules that need to look for when choosing a photographer and conducting a photo shoot of the newborn:

1.Experience and knowledge of the photographer

The baby photographer Delhi must have the proven experience and expertise for such shoots. Be sure to check out the photographer portfolio and courses that he finished. Remember, even the best wedding and portrait photographer will not be able to make such images, which are obtained from the children’s photographer with experience with babies.

2.The age of the child.

It is important to conduct a photo shoot for two weeks after the birth, but not too early to have time to pass the baby swelling and other effects of childbirth. The child intuitively remembers the fetal position within two weeks of their birth, which they are in their mom’s tummy, so this will pose the most natural, comfortable and safe for him.

3.The state of the baby.

If a child often pulls the legs, restless sleep or suffers any ailment- photo shoot should either transfer or minimize the discomfort of the child with special means, for example, improves digestion.


Necessary to carry out the shooting at the house. In the studio, the child has threatened not only microbes but also the absence of the required temperature and bright light

. The room in which photo shoot is planned, it is necessary to provide a temperature of about 30 degrees. Often during the shooting near the baby is set heater, providing a comfortable sleep.


Before and during the filming, all participants must wipe your hands with disinfectant. Blankets and other tissues involved in the shooting should be fresh and washed, regardless of whether they were used and stained before.


Prepare the room with soft natural light. Using the flash at a photo shoot of the newborn is not recommended! Only additional light with constant soft lights is allowed


At least two adults should be present around the child. When a photographer takes pictures, mom is at arm’s length from the baby or even closer. The baby photographer Delhi may request to hold the baby or his head with your hand or a finger. This finger then retouched in graphic programs.


Not every “beautiful” position is safe for the baby! If you have ideas for a photo shoot, be sure to check with them with the newborn baby photographerand know how to implement it safe and comfortable for the baby.

10. Accessories.

The fabric, which is a child and which envelop it, should be not only the right color but also consist of natural soft fibers are safe for baby’s delicate skin. Basket or another container into which a child is pictured should stand on the non-slip mat, without the risk of tipping.


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