Trained Photographers are a Need of Time

Photography is one of the greatest ways to express your creativity and feelings. If you increase your coverage a bit, then this hobby can be an excellent career option for you.

There are many formats of photography, from which you have to choose the preferred area. Whether it is still photography or video photography, both require better skills. Just one click can drag the photo, but it is necessary to understand what type of impact is coming from that picture.

In the past few years, the meaning of wedding photography has changed. Now the wedding photographer’s responsibility is to be fully added. Nowadays every couple wants that all their moments are captured in the camera before and during the wedding.

Earlier all of them used to be parents, but now it does not happen. In this round, pairs now make wedding shoots before marriage. But during this time you have to take care of some things, know about those extraordinary things. Why a meeting between three professional photographers of marriage? The desire to show the bride and groom all the importance of choosing her wedding photographer with attention.


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Pregnancy Photoshoot- From Taboo to a Trend

Pregnancy is a critical moment in the life of a woman, couple, and child who is born. A magical moment in which a woman turns into a mother encloses all the poetry and beauty of life that is born. A time to grasp to keep alive his memory forever. You will not believe it, but photo sessions for pregnant women were not always natural or habitual. Previously, the photos for pregnant women were private and very few pregnant women dared to pose in front of professional photographers, so they were practically nil or unknown.

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The progress of the pregnancy was only in the mind of the future mother; it was not usually portrayed or made photographic reports of the pregnancy. Why? They were different times! The society of that time still had many taboos in front of the body and its natural processes, so the photos for pregnant women were unthinkable. After these photographs, people began to see pregnancy as it is, a moment of happiness, pride and, above all, of admiration towards those who carry a new life in their womb.

Why is a pregnant photo session so important?

Because it is a unique and unrepeatable moment! If you are a future mom or a future dad, you surely understand. Pregnancy is an era of the incredible woman so immortalizing this moment becomes something significant for the future family and what better way to immortalize something than taking photos?

Preparing a photo session for pregnant women not only requires time, but also to create complicity and connection between the future parents and the photographer who will perform the photo shoot. Each photo session of pregnant women is different, every family and every future mother, expect something different in her photographs of pregnancy.

Also, we cannot forget that in the photo will be not only a mother but also her baby, her belly. It is normal for you or your partner to feel nervous and more when you have never done a photo shoot for pregnancy or if it is your first pregnancy, so it is essential to hire professional photographers for pregnant women because you will be in good hands!

Ask for photos of other photo shoots for pregnant women, that is, whether it’s other photographers or us, you’re in your right to want to see past pictures of pregnant women. Seeing the portfolio of your photographer will help you to have greater confidence and to know the professional level of your photographs.

About the Company:

Shri Hari Productions is a complete photography service providers offering a wide range of services like candid photography, wedding photoshoot, maternal photoshoot, real estate photography to name a few.


Make your Wedding Movie with Professional Videographers!

By experience, we assure you that the wedding day passes at a phenomenal speed!

Barely dressed in your wedding dress will come the time of the bounce of the next day and say goodbye to all your guests. How to relive this day, of which you have only vague memories? By offering you the services of a wedding videographer, let’s see!

This is the best way to capture the heart of this day and have in addition to your wedding photos, a lively keepsake that will give you another vision of your event well after your wedding. Although optional, the option of the wedding film remains highly appreciated by the bride and groom, and it is not uncommon, after the wedding, that the bride and bride regret not having been tempted.

This performance is not, however, an alternative to that of the wedding photographer, but rather a nice compliment. And then I’m sure you’ll love watching this video loop, show it to your family and friends, make and remake comments with your mother, and especially share that moment with your future children.

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Power of a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot ?

Many pre wedding photoshoot photographers include a pre-wedding session, in which a casual photograph of the bride and groom is made. What if! Is that the idea of ​​this meeting is to keep a memory of “Bride and Groom” before the wedding. Take advantage also of telling your photographer what your expectations are and if you already have a schedule of your big day do not hesitate to review it so that it is understood how you want your event to be.

On the other hand, we noticed that many brides arrive without a clear plan the day of the previous session. Once a client told us good let’s take a picture for the reception right? And the truth is that a pre wedding session is something a little more prepared, so do not let the opportunity pass and get the most out of it.

For this reason, we thought of writing this guide for you Brides, to give them a little help so that you have the best of the styles on the day of your previous session.

Important things to consider:

The changes of clothes

Yes! It is important that you can check with your boyfriend, what clothes they will wear for the session, and well the idea is not that they go “twins” but if in some way they are coordinated in style and colors. It is not obsessive. What if you go in a dress and he appears in jean and t-shirt? Then you had better wake up.

The makeup of the bride.

Some studies include make up for your previous session if that’s excellent! What happens is that most do not. So it’s important that you ask your photographer about this, to be prepared. Maybe it’s a good time to coordinate your makeup test, but you should consider whether the makeup session’s schedule and your makeup artist’s schedule match. If you have special requirements for your makeup forget them, so you ensure that everything is covered.

The Hands of the Bride

Girls, do not forget to do your manicure for the day of the previous session. It has happened to us many times that when we are going to make the great engagement ring photo, the brides are running for having forgotten to do their manicure. So prepare your hands with your favorite color. You should also make feet if you plan to take barefoot pictures on the beach or a meadow.

The schedule of the photo shoot

Punctuality is important because it will affect the final result and because the time they arrive late will be less time than they will have in their photo shoot. Why? Outdoor pre wedding shoot photography require special lighting conditions that are usually achieved when the sun is closest to the horizon, either at dawn or sunset. When the sun is high magic is lost, this is what we call “The Golden Hour.”


Ask your pre wedding photoshoot photographers if your session includes some accessories, such as Flowers. Also if in the set or location there will be some type. For example a book, a lamp, a blanket, a parasol. If there is any particular object that you want to take to the session, do not forget to point it to your check list, so it is not forgotten.]

At the end we want you to enjoy the most of all the wedding moments, and this is one of them.

Avoid Scums During wedding Photoshoot

The six aspects you need to be careful when choosing a photographer for marriage without risking scum

1) The most frequent complaint of couples after the wedding day is just about the photographer

After the wedding celebration, which you lived with high participation and emotion, there are only- the photographs.

Photos taken by friends with smartphones can also be beautiful immortalize the moment, but you will not be able to get you excited about how well-done professional work.

Shots are out of focus, somebody is moving, you’re terrible, and there is no time for those you wanted to remember.

No picture of the first kiss after saying yes, no photo of the cake cut, no photo of your dance with your dad.

Not to mention style, far away, far from what you wanted: yet you did a lot of head to the wedding photographer, sending the photos of the style you wanted, explaining what the most important moments were and what effect you wanted.

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Learn the Details of a Wedding Photo Album

Wedding photography packages once had a social value, that is, they were a visual testimony of the fact that marriage had been celebrated. As a result, they were static photos, didactic, cutlery.

Today, the ‘social’ function of photos of a wedding is largely done by the ‘pictures’ made with the smartphones of the guests. It’s not so much a matter of photo quality, rather than the fact that they are performing the task of formalizing what it was and telling it to the four winds.

Before the end of the day, photos spin around the globe on social issues, and everyone knows that the couple is wedged to the wedding, happily or not. In this context, the ‘official’ photographer is required to go beyond the didactic photo, posing, precarious. Because of that kind of photo, there is no need anymore.

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How to Ensure a Budget Friendly Wedding Photography?

Your wedding will be an extraordinary and memorable day. The events of this day will be remembered and treasured for generations. Take advantage of these some tips to find the ideal wedding photography packages Delhi for your wedding and enjoy the pictures of your great day for many years.

Define your wedding logistics

That is, before going ahead with your wedding plans (whether it is finding the wedding dress, looking for a budget wedding photographer, or choosing a florist) the first step is to define the basic logistics of your wedding. Have already decided what kind of wedding will be, when it will be celebrated, in what place, and what degree of formality will have. With these elements decided it will be easier to support you from a professional who can meet your demands depending on the type of wedding you will celebrate, the place where you will celebrate and of course your budget.

Set the budget for your wedding picture

For the photographer wedding and video of your wedding consider that usually is destined of 10% to 15% of the total budget for the wedding.

It is essential that you find this and define precisely with what budget you will have to hire the ideal photography service for your wedding. By having a clear idea of ​​the photographic budget, you will be able to choose a photo service that meets your expectations both creative and economical.

Define your photographic needs

This goes hand in hand with the logistics of your big day. Consider the following aspects of your wedding and whether or not you want photographic services for each stage of your wedding:

  • Photographic Studio of the Bride and Groom Casual
  • Detailed study of the bride and groom Formal
  • Civil marriage
  • The bride’s arrangement on the wedding day
  • Groom’s arrangement on the wedding day
  • Investigate on your own

Although the recommendations you receive are very valuable, it is important that you also give a search on your own. This will serve you for several reasons. First, when you research on your own, you will have a comparative regarding price, style, and services that are being offered in the market. You may find a better choice in terms of price or a style that fits well than what you want to see in your wedding album.

Interview with the photographers who caught your attention

At this stage of the process, you will already have in mind a few photographers. No matter how long you are on your list of prospective photographers the first thing is to make a few phone calls (or send an email). The calls (e-mails) can be brief since what you are interested in is to know if they have your date available and the approximate cost of the service that you want. With the answer to these two questions surely your list will be trimmed a bit.

Then, make an appointment to interview with photographers who have your date available, and that preferably is within the range of the budget you have prepared for the photographic service of your wedding. Be flexible, if there is a photographer that likes your work a lot but maybe has a bit more expensive wedding photographers in Delhi charges, do not assume that you cannot hire him, take advantage of the interview to see if he has other prices or can accommodate your needs.

The essentials of wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most complex disciplines it is when you are a photographer. During a day one must know how to handle extremely different situations. We go through several types of light conditions, several atmospheres too, we have to do with what the day and all the people present offer us.

Energy may differ during all key moments, during the preparations there is often a mixture of serenity and excitement while the rest of the day is punctuated with intense moments, as during ceremonies, and hollows. The evening is there to bring back all the pressure and allow everyone to relax. And during a full season, these are different couples that one must follow, each of which has its personality, and which unite in very different places.


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